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Travel Tips

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The Realities of Blogging on the Road – Tips for not Letting your Travel Blog Fall by the Wayside
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Guest Posts

Guest Post – My Firsts in Central America

My Travels & Country Guides

North America
One week to go, why I’m travelling the world…
So it begins eh…
Vancouver First Impressions
Grouse Mountain
Having a ‘whale’ of a time
Road tripping the Rockies
A few days on Vancouver Island
Hiking and road tripping around Whistler
My final week in Canada exploring Vancouver and surrounding areas
A few days in beautiful Honolulu Hawaii
What it’s like Hiking the Grouse Grind in Vancouver
5 of my Favourite Things to see and do in Downtown Vancouver
5 of the Best Hikes Around Vancouver
Why Lake Louise isn’t all that Great to Visit in the Summer…

Hiroshima, Miyajima & Kyoto

Fiji with Sam and Bev
A week in Nolotu Village, Kadavu, Fiji
A week solo road tripping around New Zealand
New Zealand South Island Contiki
New Zealand North Island Contiki

Africa Part 1 – South Africa and Namibia
Africa Part 2 – Botswana, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania
Nervous about travel in Africa? Here’s why you shouldn’t be…
5 Reasons Why Africa Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

A Guide to Hiking Scafell Pike, England’s Tallest Mountain
And the award for most beautiful country in the world goes to… Scotland?
A Quick Update – I’m in Italy, staying by Lake Como!
Why you should travel to Lake Como
A Guide to the Beautiful Towns Around Central Lake Como
7 Reasons to Make Romania Your Next Travel Destination