The 5 Biggest Myths About Travel

Talking about the realities of travel and what it’s actually like is something I’m pretty passionate about. I’ve previously written on the blog about what travel is like behind the filters, including the good and the bad. But today I want to talk about the biggest myths people have about travel, and explain why they’re just not the case…

A lot of the reason I started this blog, was to encourage more people to travel that never have. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the reasons people don’t travel are because of some of these myths I’ll talk about in this post… So hopefully I can debunk 5 here for you.

So what do I mean by travel?…

For me, travel in its simplest terms, is going away to experience a new place. Now this definition is obviously a bit general and short. But the reason for this is that, travel doesn’t need to be flying across the world, or spending months away from home. Travel in my view, can be done right in your own country. If you’re visiting a new place you haven’t been then you in essence are travelling there and this is still ‘going away’. There’s plenty of ways to experience travel for all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds.

I want to dispel the logic that the best experiences are the ones you have to pay loads of money for, and that you only get these experiences if you quit your job, leave everything behind and go off solo adventuring. This is just one way to travel. Who’s to say cycling or hiking through your state or county wouldn’t be just as much of an adventure…

Now I’ve returned from what most people wall call ‘travelling’, as in 7 months travelling around the world having quit my job. I’ve realised that I was missing out on so many opportunities to explore and travel through visiting places closer to home. Yes, now the places I visit are generally closer to home, and I’m spending less time away at a time. But the experience is no less rewarding by any means. Unlike before I left, I’ve now found ways to still travel, in the same style as my longer trips, but in ways that fit in with my lifestyle and the time I have.

So let’s crack on with the 5 myths I want to dispel today…

1 – You need to be rich to travel

With my definition above, you can travel in whichever style fits your means and lifestyle. Luckily in today’s world there are so many opportunities to earn money whilst travelling. From working in hostels in return for board and lodging, to basing yourself in places for longer and finding part time work.

Or if you don’t want to do this, then even if you’re on a very tight budget, travel to places closer to home that won’t cost as much money and save the others until another time. So many of us spend thousands flying across the world because we think this is the only way to get rewarding travel experiences, when we haven’t even fully explored our own countries or back gardens yet.

2 – You have to quit your job to travel

Travel does not need to be long term, so you don’t need to quit your job. Yes I quit my job, but that was only because I WANTED to travel long term, and view it more as a career break with travel and the way of taking it.

If anything, long term travel can sometimes be highly impractical, for obvious reasons such as jobs, family, money etc. Also, something that isn’t mentioned too often, is that long term travel can get tiring and lonely. It isn’t for everyone. Some people really like the comfort of their known surroundings, and are very close to friends and family so wouldn’t want to travel long term. Which is completely fine. Unfortunately it seems that this stops people, when it shouldn’t.

3 – You need to fly somewhere

Leading on from the point above that travel doesn’t need to be long term. You don’t need to fly miles away to travel. I can guarantee you 99% if not all of people haven’t seen all their own country has to offer yet. Or even neighbouring countries or states.

Some of my favourite travel experiences have actually been using different modes of transport to flying. Driving around is a great way to stop where you want, where you want, and explore your own country or neighbouring one at your own leisure. Not to mention, for anyone afraid of flying, there are plenty of alternatives to get abroad. Have you looked at the types of tours or excursions that take you abroad from your own country without needing to fly? There are often many options like these.

4 – You need to be young

This just isn’t the case. Some of the most interesting and well travelled travellers I’ve met are significantly older than me. There are so many styles of travel, and one of the best things about it is that when you’re travelling you’re all in the same boat, old and young.

If anything, I’m always much more inspired by people that are travelling at different stages of their lives that have made more sacrifices to do so. For example, some people travel with young children or babies, and make it work. So if they can do it, then you can do it.

5 – There is only ‘one way’ to travel

This is the main point here I’ve tried to convey in this post. There is no ‘one way’ to travel. Probably if someone asked you, ‘what does travelling look like?’. Many of you might have images of beaches in Thailand or exotic destinations.

My point here and in this post, is that you should travel the way YOU want to, and the way that suits you best. If you don’t want to travel far, explore places closer to home. Or if you don’t have much cash, save up and then work your way from place to place. Too many people are so set in having to go to certain places just because most people go there.

Often the greatest adventures and travel experiences are ones that aren’t in the most ‘popular’ destinations, and ones we stumble upon by accident because of the people we meet and opportunities that we discover. Travel where you want to, and how you want to. This is what travel should be, embracing new places in the ways that suit your means and personality, and not letting small obstacles stop you from getting to experience the incredible rewards travel can bring.

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