10 Great Blog Post Ideas, That Work for Any Blog

This post for all of you who are struggling for inspiration or ideas on what to post about on your blog. It’s possibly one of the hardest things about blogging, when you get stuck in a rut and don’t know what else to write about. You feel like you’ve written all you can about your niche and don’t know what to do… Well I’m here to help.

I’m going to give you 10 ideas of posts you can write on your blog. The good thing is, these ideas work for any blogging niche or topic. Although, yes some might work better for some topics than others, but all are options of things to write about that provide different benefits. This post is based on a recent podcast episode, so if you’d prefer to listen, click podcast in the main menu.

Personal Post Ideas

(these first two ideas or posts are ones that reveal a bit more about you as a blogger, and allow your readers to learn a bit more about your background, and thus engage more with you and likely trust you more as a result)

1 – About me

I’m sure I could and maybe will, do a separate post on the benefits of an ‘about me’ page. But in summary, they’re great for your blog. What I mean by an ‘about me’ page or post, is something that gives readers an insight into who you are and lets them see the face behind the words. My about me page on my blog is probably actually up there as one of the most visited pages on my blog.

The reason they work so well and are so important, is that people want to see who’s writing what they’re reading, and learn a bit about their background and why they blog. It allows people to get to trust you more as they can see who you are. Obviously, this can be as personal as you wish. I’m not saying you should tell your whole life story. But good about me pages go through a bit about the persons background, their experience in the topic their blog is about, and why they blog.

Which brings me on to the next post idea…

2 – My blogging story – Why I started blogging

This is a great idea for any blog, whether you’re old or new. For slightly older blogs, the first title of ‘my blogging story’ will likely work better, but even if you’re brand new, a ‘why I started blogging’ post is a great idea. Obviously you might have some crossover content with your about me, as this should feature a bit about your blogging too.

However, this post is all about your blogging experience and WHY you blog about what you do. You should talk about what made you choose your niche or topic, why you’re knowledgeable and have something to offer, and what made you want to blog in the first place. You can talk about the purpose of your blog here. For example, my blog is a travel blog that I originally started to document my world trip, but then it changed into a blog that wanted to help and inspire people to travel, by talking about issues that might put people of, dismissing fears, and giving tips on various destinations etc.

Obviously with these two post ideas there are likely to be some crossovers in the content, but in summary the ‘about me’ should have more information about you generally, and the blogging story or why I started, about you as a blogger. I hope that distinction makes sense.

Blogging Related Post Ideas

(moving on from talking about you as a blogger, the next three ideas are posts that are related to your blogging. Funnily enough the most popular post on my site isn’t actually about travel, it’s about blogging. So these have the potential to do really well)

3 – Mistakes I’ve made

I’ve mentioned this post before, and that’s my post on ‘The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made in my First Year Blogging‘, because this post is actually the most popular on my blog at the moment. When I wrote it this was no way the plan or expectation, but it was one of those posts that I felt I wanted to write to help out other people avoid the pitfalls I made, which were many…

In case it isn’t clear exactly what I mean by this post, I mean talking about those things you did wrong along the way, that if you went back you would change. These things could be content related, technical related, engagement related etc etc, they’ll obviously be very different depending on your experience.

Mistakes I made, is one of those posts that not only reveals to your readers, that you, like everyone else, aren’t perfect. But it also has the potential to be very useful to others and add a lot of value to the blogging community. It gives people an insight into your journey as a blogger, showing how far you’ve come and adding to your credibility.

4 – Tips/ What’s worked

Similar from the above but from the other side, is the ‘blogging tips’, or ‘what’s worked best’, type posts. There seems to be a perception that you need to be an expert to provide this kind of advice. But this really isn’t the case. As long as you’re open about your experience and you aren’t trying to come across as the all knowing pro, even beginner blogs will have tips and advice to share, on what’s worked with them for blogging.

For example, brand new bloggers often are (or should be) experimenting with what they’re doing as they start and learning as they go along. This is perfect for helping others, and will depend on niche and blog too. Some example of ideas that could work for the ‘blogging tips’ type posts, are things like: What social media platform works best for promoting your blog? How did you get your first readers? What type of posts have been most successful for you? These are all bits of advice that you can use to help others, without needing to be an expert.

5 – Why I blog about ‘x’ (your niche)

This links in with the blogging story post, but is different. Because this post idea of ‘why I blog about x’, is a way to talk about your expertise in your niche. It shouldn’t be as personal as the blogging story type post, but should be an insight into your experience and interest in the topic that you blog about.

Why do you have something to offer? Where did you gain your knowledge? What message do you want to share? What do you do or know about that other people don’t? These are the kinds of questions that you should be talking about in this post.

Trying not to sound like a cheesy salesman here, it is a great chance to sell yourself and give yourself some credibility and substance. People often seem to be too modest and talk themselves down, assuming that their experience either isn’t good enough, or isn’t as extensive as it could be, so they don’t talk about it. But we all have areas of knowledge that surpass others, so talk about why you’re knowledgeable about your topic and why you have something to offer readers.

Niche Related Posts

(these next three post ideas, are ones that are general ideas, but that talk about your specific niche, you’ll see what I mean when I talk about them I’m sure)

6 – Product Reviews

Most niches will have products associated with them, and before you start thinking yours doesn’t… by ‘product’, this could be something like an ebook, or even an infographic. The main goal here isn’t to cram a post full of affiliate links and make cash, although yes talking about a product is a good opportunity for affiliate marketing.

The main goal here is to talk about something that you’ve used or experienced, that has benefitted you or otherwise, that you feel would be useful for other people to know about. For example, it could be a particular influencer’s podcast, or even a YouTube tutorial, that you’ve found and want to share as something useful. Obviously also, if you’re a niche that naturally has actual products, as in the type of thing you’d find on Amazon, then talk about ones you’ve used and want to share your experience.

An example of this for me is I’ve recently written a post about, ‘Is it worth buying a GoPro for Travel?… Questions Answered & Product Review’. In this post, I’m talking about a product I’ve used and have experience with, and sharing my opinion on whether you should get one.

7 – Post about current event, or trending news in your niche

Another thing that I wrote about recently, is posts based on current events or trending news stories in your niche, or in blogging generally. I mean the post I wrote talking about, ‘Should Bloggers be Asking for Freebies?… The Story of the Influencer vs the Hotel Owner‘, that was based on a story I saw within the blogging area. This is a great one if you’re stuck for niche related ideas, as news keeps changing. Find the popular sites that give news on your specific area and have a look for topics that you can talk about that might be of interest to your readers.

For my travel niche, an example of one of these posts that I wrote, also having been a bit stuck for new ideas, was commenting on the article that ranked Scotland as the most beautiful country in the world, ‘And the award for most beautiful country in the world goes to… Scotland?’. This obviously came as a surprise to me as a traveller, so I wanted to talk about the article and what I thought on my blog.

So if you’re stuck for ideas, have a look for what news and trending stories are happening in your niche and talk about them on your blog.

8 – FAQs based post

FAQs posts, are a great way to summarise something in your niche, and answer lots of potential questions people might have about it in a clear and concise way on your blog. For example, this could be a completely top level type FAQs, so for travel, it would just be ‘FAQs about Travel’, for example.

Or it could be more specific, digging down into an area within your niche, such as a post I wrote called, ‘Questions About Contiki? 20 Contiki FAQs Answered…‘, which for any of you that don’t know Contiki, is a tour company aimed at young people. I wanted to summarise using my experience and answer some questions in a quick and concise way for people looking for information.

This is a shorter form post, as in it tends to cover lots and give succinct clear answers. But blog posts should always answer questions and add value. This is just a way to do it in a different format, and can work really well.

Posts Involving Other Bloggers

(this section and the final two post ideas is posts that involve other bloggers in some way)

9 – Guest Posts

Admittedly this is another area I could get better at, having only done one guest post on my blog so far, and it’s also one of those that I’ve talked about with a couple of other bloggers but not got around to.

Guest posts are great for engaging with other bloggers and finding new potentially relevant readers for your blog. They work best when the other blogger you’re doing a guest post with, is relevant to your niche but has a slightly different area of expertise or something to add.

For example when I guest posted on a fellow travel bloggers blog, she wrote about central America (a place I’d never been), and I wrote about Africa (a place she had never been). Try and find other bloggers who could add something to your blog, and you to theirs. This is the best way to make the guest posts valuable to readers, and not just a novelty.

My recommended favourites

What I mean by this, is this is a post that is all about recommending resources such as other blogs, to your readers. For example, ‘my 5 favourite travel blogs’. Obviously when you talk about other blogs, this is great to build engagement with them, but also to point your readers in the direction of good content, that isn’t just your blog.

This can also work well with other content that isn’t blogs but is relevant for your niche. For example ‘my favourite podcasts’ or ‘my favourite learning resources’, ‘the top 10 Instagram accounts you should check out’, ‘my favourite documentaries’ etc etc. This is great to point people in the direction of others that you’ve learnt from and influenced, and as a result help your readers in different ways.

In this post I’ve given 10 ideas of posts that work for any blog that you can use no matter the niche. Some of these might be more up your street than others, but they should all be possibilities of ways to provide content. Not to mention they’re types of posts that are probably different to your normal post, so can provide a good way to experiment and add colour to your blog.

Thanks for taking an interest in my blog, it’s a pleasure to have you! If you’ve enjoyed my blog then you can also sign up for my monthly newsletter, or you can listen to my podcast all about blogging.

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  • Great post! As a new blogger, I can use all the help I can get. On that note, do you have a specific plan for building you community? It seems you have made good progress on that in a (relatively) short time. Would you consider doing a post with those tips? Bruce

    • Thank you. That’s actually a great idea for a post! I’ll definitely add it to my list for the future. I’m glad you think so, it’s something that overall I’d say takes a fair amount of time, but essentially replying to all comments and trying to write some posts that engage with others and stir debate. I’ve still got a long way to go and various things to do on that end, but I think it’s one of those things that happens organically if you’re producing content that tries to engage other people and is useful for others. Also a really important part when you start is to visit other blogs and engage with them, comment and add to the debate on topics that are relevant. There’s another blogger who’s excellent at this and built a massive following of thousands of followers posting once a week but spending extensive time on other blogs. I hope this helps, and I’ll definitely write a post on that topic!

  • That’s a great blog for beginners, Giles.Sad to say I’m stuck in a rut of daily routine.Shall get into blogging again wherein ur blog shall be of true help.

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