In this episode, I talk about content, and the importance of mixing it up and experimenting with the content you put out there on your blog. It’s really important when you start to try out different things, and learn what does and doesn’t work for your niche. So I discuss things like, different types of written blog posts, and how you can experiment with these, and also about trying out different forms of content that aren’t just a traditional written blog post, such as video, picture, and audio.

If you want to listen to the episode you can find it linked below, or on iTunes, Acast & Stitcher.

As always, if you enjoy the episode or have any comments or feedback, then you can comment below. Or if you’re enjoying the podcast, as a podcasting newbie your reviews are like gold to me, and I’ll be forever grateful!

As someone completely new, I genuinely would really like feedback, so PLEASE do let me know what you think as I’d really like to hear about all your thoughts on what I’m putting out there.


4 thoughts

  1. Yay love it! You really got going right off the gate. I’ll leave a feedback once I listen to some more. Which will need to be when I’m in my apartment because my phone is at fullllll capacity. But love the spin of admitting you aren’t an expert! Because I am the first to admit I am perpetually confused with blogging. There’s so much value to that. Can I post an Apple link to your podcast on one of my blog posts???
    I don’t have a ton of podcasts because I take way too many pictures and my phone used to lag if I didn’t download them… so I didn’t totally know if I’d find your podcast just searching the name. Turns out it’s pretty easy to do so. But I’d love to spread word on your podcast because you are great for newbies. Or not so newbies that feel stuck. So glad you started this 👏. Keep being relatable!

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    1. Of course you can!! And that’s so nice to hear, I really do massively appreciate the feedback. Also I’d love to hear if the content isn’t quite as good or what kind of thing you’d be interested in hearing more of too. I have a couple of episodes planned to record and post soon and will be shouting out to get more feedback on what people want to hear or learn more about.

      Thanks again, it means a lot!! I’ll take it on board and try to keep being relatable 😊

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      1. I really like the content. I especially like when you give specific examples such as options for photography blogs in monetization and how much you made from WordPress ads. I have way less comments (like none) but may have had more views and visitors than you said you had in October – I don’t think October maybe, but perhaps November, so I’m wondering how that correlates. Maybe no one has much to say ha about mine, but I’m curious about that. I try to comment on other people’s blogs (well obviously).
        Topics I’d like to know more about –
        1) consistent and regular posting. To me, I hear this and am intimidated because realistically, it is so time consuming and will not be lucrative off the bat or maybe ever. So for beginners/hobbyists/people that also need to focus on bills, maybe how bad is it if someone just is starting out, realizes that it is VERY TIME CONSUMING, and just do a little bit now and then. I think you touch on this some. But it intimidates me and I have a blog set up. Some of my friends and family say they do not have the time and never set it up. When I hear the advice to post consistent and regularly, I start to wonder if I really have the time or if I need to face reality. I don’t do it for money, but have to get by. And it’s still the most time consuming online diary I could have ha. Which I’m fine with but maybe not the consistent and regular posting.
        2) Good formatting versus more content. I know both are important. And I can ramble for the end of time. But maybe shortcuts if you are balancing time. I spent a very long time trying to get ads up that are really taking me places (poverty). But there’s so much other stuff that takes a lot of time but my blog will look the exact same to most people after I spent forever on it. So balancing your time if you start it out as a hobby. And I thought I was good with technology so I think it can be more-so intimidating to people that aren’t. E.g., if it takes forever to set up a theme, and someone is then hearing you need to post consistent and regularly, even if it’s just once a month (I couldn’t do it or I’d lose momentum), can sound intimidating. I know you touch on this some but also mention that some people have poorly designed posts.
        3) Getting a domain and setting it up to link to your blog (talking very very beginning stages here) would be a good topic. Including, verifying it – I had issues here. I had to call and chat with Bluehost a ton. I don’t even want to think about how many hours it took to get the Whois verification email just sent to me.
        4) generally, time saving tips. Because I resonate with thinking about ideas but to me, a list always looks like a lot because posts seem to take so long (for me). But most things have taken long me a very long time. Adding Chitika ads, which were the first I added so I was pretty confused, took a very long time and I think after months I have now 2 cents. Not kidding.
        5) plug-ins to help make posts more readable. Yoast has a readability function that semi helps me not ramble for the end of time. But I also see some blogs that have one pic in between each point and that does make the posts more attracting to read. So I do not know if there is a plug-in for this, but suggestions on exactly how to implement the concept of making posts look better and something that people want to read. I know no one wants to read my rambles ha but not something I’m great at fixing – and I think some things I have learned like Yoast SEO’s tool, and seeing blogs where I see points broken up with pictures and the same picture with one blog I read. Because it’s more just a good visual that breaks it up but it’s not a unique picture after every point that may distract you. Unique pics are good too, but in general tips on how to easily improve visual and general attractiveness of posts.

        Long post. And you really like posting consistently! Or I think my podcast was not playing in the right order ha because I’m listening to it right now.

        I especially like the very specific examples, like with ads. Or making it more personal maybe? Because for me personally, I know the general suggestions from reading up on blogging, but I really like to hear personal experiences. Then, I do not feel like the most confused person ever that can generate fractions of a penny with ads.

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      2. So thanks for the comment Charlotte, hopefully I can give my views on the above…

        1 – So to the first point about posting consistently, I think the important thing is to try and have some sort of rhythm you can stick to, even if this is just once every couple of weeks or even a month. It gets you into a routine and people seem to be more likely to stick at it as well as readers wanting to keep visiting your blog, helping momentum. However if you really do have a lifestyle where it’s difficult to predict as and when you can post and the best way you can make sure you’re posting is to do it as and when then that might be best. Essentially I recommend consistently as this seems to be the best way to keep it going and build momentum. However not everyone is the same, so as long as you’re posting when you can it’s much better than nothing!

        2 – I think your idea of shortcuts could be really interesting actually and I haven’t thought of it that way. I think although yes it could sound intimidating something I try to stress and that I’ve learnt is that shortcut type posts never seem to work. For example I’ve myself written a few clear but shorter posts when I didn’t have time that I didn’t put as much thought into, or ones where I made shorter comments on other things, long term they’ve never seemed to do too well. On the technology time you’re right, it’s easy to take for granted people can easily make changes when it’s not too simple, so it’s definitely something I could be more aware of.

        3 – That’s an interesting one, personally I’ve used godaddy or for blogging even though it’s a bit more expensive for the year, used WordPress’ function for buying a domain, which has always been prettt straightforward. I have seen issues with people linking their WordPress names with current blogs etc, or external domains on WordPress, but unfortunately again it’s not something I experienced which is probably why I haven’t mentioned it.

        4 – For time saving tips, are those ads self hosted ones? It sounds like this is currently something I also haven’t yet done, I’ve been using wordads and will likely use Adsense when I go self hosted, hopefully soon. Time saving tips is a great idea though for a post and episode, so I’ll see what I can come up with for that!! I’m quite an organised person and have written on organisation in blogging so I’m sure I can link some time saving tips into other content I’ve written around the subject.

        5 – once again, self hosted at the moment isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m currently planning the transition so will talk through the process in future episodes.

        Overall though thanks for taking the time to write me so much detailed feedback!! It’s really so valuable and interesting to hear. It’s also revealed why I wanted to make so clear that I am a relative novice also, as there are areas I’m not yet very familiar with on the self hosted side etc, but there are some really great points etc in there so thank you!!

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