As I always like to experiment here on my blog, today I want to offer up a challenge. Often I get asked where my favourite travel destinations have been, and it’s one of those that is near impossible to answer. But it seems like people like to get a summarised idea of what it’s like to go somewhere. So I thought to myself, what if you had to summarise where you’ve been in just 3 words?…

In this post I want to offer up a formula of describing places in 3 words that will hopefully give you a bit of insight into my experiences of them, and I want you to do the same…

I’m going to offer up a few examples of some of my favourite places and I want you to comment and share your experiences too. I’m hoping that by doing the difficult thing of forcing myself to condense experience of places into just 3 short words it will give an interesting insight into them, a nice neat summary and I’ll probably even surprise myself… (Also it’s a bit of fun and new interactive style of post I wanted to give a try!)

The template is below:

Country – Feel / Landscapes / People

By ‘feel’, I mean if you had to describe how a place makes you FEEL when you were there and your overall one word summary. By ‘landscapes’ I mean the nature, outdoors and landscapes. Finally, by people, I mean how were the people and your experience of local people there, I obviously don’t want to offend or sterotype here, this is just a fun exercise of how you’ve experienced places and people as a traveller.

Here are a few of my experiences and me doing the exercise below (I’ve deliberately excluded pictures from this post so you can imagine the places just from 3 words). I’m sure it will spur on some debate and disagreement as I don’t have the chance to explain my opinions but here goes…

Fiji – Relaxed / Tropical / Welcoming

Canada – Natural / Grand / Friendly

Japan – Busy / Unique / Respectful

New Zealand – Spectacular / Green / Laid-Back

Tanzania – Adventure / Under-Rated / Diverse

What do you think of my experience of these places, do you agree? Do any of my 3 word descriptions make travel destinations more appealing or offer any insight? Have a go in the comments or let me know your thoughts!

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10 thoughts

  1. Cool idea! I haven’t been to many countries, but here are a few locations:
    Alaska: Free/Expansive/Rugged
    Antigua BVI: Relaxed/Beachy/Fascinating
    Disney World: Energizing/Fantasy/Diverse

    PS: I would like to go to Fiji!

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    1. Thanks for those, they’re great!! Alaska has always been a dream place to go do and based on that, especially. If you get a chance definitely do, it’s beautiful and the people are without a doubt the friendliest I’ve met!

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I definitely think that Africa as a continent is so underrated and there is SO much to see that lots of people don’t know is there. Which I suppose is more of a reason to travel there, if it’s a place that’s yet to be discovered by the vast majority of travellers

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