A lot of people struggle with blogging because they don’t have enough time to fit it into their busy lives, and it’s often SO easy to let blogging fall by the wayside when it isn’t at the top of your priorities list and part of your routine… So this post is all about how, by using your often dreaded commute to blog, you can make it part of your routine and blog more consistently as a result.

The reason I’ve decided to write about this topic, is that I’ve actually written drafts for many posts on my blog whilst I’ve been on these types of journeys, such as on trains to and from London. I’ll write the draft for a post in the notes section of my phone, and then email it to myself to proof read and upload later. By doing this, I’ve actually got a massive amount done, and really seen the benefit in making use of times such as these.

Why I like this so much, is that I can pretty much guarantee that the other activities I would be doing instead, aren’t really achieving anything constructive, and by blogging I can manage to actually achieve something with this time. So here are my 5 reasons why you should try giving blogging on your commute a try.

1 – You can make blogging part of your routine

Although this isn’t as much of a personal benefit for me as much as my train journeys are more sporadic. For anyone who has a commute or journeys that are recurring… Making use of this time means that you’re actually getting into the routine of blogging, making it a regular part of your daily life. This is essential in keeping blogging going, because as I’ve said, the reason most people don’t keep it up is that it’s not a priority, they don’t make time for it, or they don’t have a consistent time they blog.

Blogging on your commute solves these problems. Although it’s not my commute as such, I have set times I’ll allocate to blogging that are straight after work when I know I’ll still be in ‘work mode’ and can be constructive. Actually having an allotted time that you know will be your ‘blogging time’, means you’re much more likely to achieve a lot more consistency with your blog.

2 – There aren’t distractions

I suddenly realised after writing a blog post draft and looking up from my phone that I’d only been on the train about half an hour… Yet I’d written a whole blog post! Strangely enough when you’re commuting on some sort of transport, it’s actually a great way to be in your own space and completely concentrate without other distractions.

Often if you’re at home you may have loved ones, housemates etc, or your cat around distracting you, or the temptation will be to just leave it for now because an episode of your favourite show is on. This is a general rule as well, it’s so much easier to concentrate and write good content efficiently, when you have a time in which you know you won’t be distracted. Commuting is a great way to achieve that.

3 – You’ll create rather than consume

I’ve mentioned this idea before, as it’s a famous quote, and I’ve touched on it above. But I’ve always liked the idea of making things and creating things with some of my time rather than just consuming what others have created all the time. Basically I mean not spending all my spare time watching Netflix and trying to use at least some of it to do something more useful. It’s actually a big reason I kept blogging up after I returned from travelling. Apart from the fact I enjoy it, I wanted to be doing at least something useful with my spare time, and I feel blogging is a great way to do that.

I’ve also used it as a motivator for any of those times when you’re stuck for something to do, I think to myself ‘you know what, this time won’t just be a write off, I’ll do something useful with it’. So the point here is, that creating things is a lot more satisfying that just consuming things, so blogging in your commute is a good easy way to do this.

4 – You’ll be writing drafts to proof read and post when in a fresh mindset

Quite often we’ll write a post or have an idea that seems amazing at the time. We check through it, post it, and sit back happy with our work. But sometimes, we’ll go back to that post a few days later and think ‘what was I on about’ or ‘how did I miss that mistake’. If you use the method I’ve written about here of writing drafts of posts to check through and post later, then it means you’ll be able to do your proof reading at a different time with a fresh mind.

Having this break between writing the draft and proofing means you’re much more likely to catch mistakes and view your post with a fresher mindset. You can make sure it’s exactly the way you want it, and improve and catch errors that are a lot more difficult when you do the whole process all at once.

5 – It keeps you entertained

This is a simple one but you can tell just by looking at the faces of your fellow commuters… they’re often not that happy with life and very bored. I’ll happily admit that it’s a big reason I blog whilst commuting or travelling, I get bored a lot of the time, and it also means I can get that smug warm fuzzy feeling from actually using that time, when alternatively I’d just be a bit annoyed and miserable too playing some mind numbing phone game.


I hope this post has given some decent reasons you should give blogging on your commute a go. I’ve personally saved a lot of my otherwise prime downtime by using this commuting time to get some good content written down. To proove my point and that I’m not spouting rubbish, the draft of this post has actually been completely written on an hour long train I took to meet up with some friends in London.

Have you got any less usual ways you fit blogging into your routine?

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12 thoughts

  1. I used to do this on my hour’s train commute to work, by saving notes on Evernote and having it synchronised to my laptop at work/home. Now I drive to work so I’m looking for other ways to make blogging as part of my routine. 🙂

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    1. Oh wow that’s great! I’ve definitely found generally that it’s more important to have a set amount of blogging time you stick to, even if it’s a small amount. Than try and do to much that you can’t manage, so even if it’s one morning on the weekend for a couple of hours it’s better than nothing!

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  2. it’s always a matter of how well we can use our own time. it’s the same with all the people that say that they don’t have time to read, if you want to make a habbit you just have to want to have time and then you can achieve everything

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