Hi! I’m Winta from Wandering Outside the Box. I’m Vietnamese, born in the Philippines, and raised in the United States. I’ve traveled Europe, Asia, the United States, Central America~ I love traveling and here to share some of my favorite memories in Central America!

I had many firsts in Central America. Countless of fond memories. I met amazing people, traveled together to incredible destinations from heaven. Ate delicious and inexpensive local foods. Altogether, a wonderful experience that is difficult to explain, except that I’m going to try!



I had my first “Carnival” in Mexico, followed it down to Chetumal, and Belize. Carnival, or Mardi Gras in the US, is a Christian celebration around February or March. During the week of Carnival, people dress up in glorious costumes of many, many colors and dance through the night. They throw watercolor paint at each other (kind of like Holi Moli), and even eggs (I was the lucky member that got thrown at)! There are parades, concerts, foods, parties, games, and more! Loud music will be playing three days straight!


(1) Main pic hiking

I climbed my first volcano in Guatemala, Volcan Acatenango. It was the most gruesome hike I’ve ever had in my entire life. Over 13,000 feet of steep incline. On the peak, I watched its twin, Volcan Fuego, erupt all night long. By far, the more rewarding experience I’ve ever had. See my trip up the volcano in my recent post here!

(2) Tent volcano pic


For the first time, I got my phone and wallet stolen on this rickety bus. This was my first slap in the face from reality, telling me that I needed to get myself together and not trust anybody I saw. Message received. See more of my experience of this unfortunate event here!


(3) Pupusasa food central america

I’ve had many first foods in Central America. Pupusas were definitely my favorite. El Salvador was where it was originated, but I liked the Honduras’ pupusas best. 😉 Next to that, I would say Granadines in Nicaragua were quite addicting. Nice lovely cold and sweet dessert on a hot day.


I hitchhiked for the first time in Central America. Yes, Winta, this is how you get your junk stolen. But ACTUALLY. Hitchhiking in Central America was probably one of the safest experience I’ve ever had! Those who took the time out of their day to take us to our destinations were SWEETHEARTS! I wish I knew where each one of them lived so I could send baked goodies with tons of love notes (I know, I’m sketchy like that- loljk).

Movie Theater

I saw my first movie in Central America. Get this. Movie theaters are half the price of the United States. The movies come out months before the United States release date. The movie theater seats are wider and more comfortable than the United States’! What a life. Phew!

Overall, I just wanted to note that I originally budgeted one month for Central America, ended up staying there for four months! I would have stayed longer if I could! But trust me, it’s allllll worth it!

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    1. Hi Agness!! Central America is definitely beautiful! If you want to go during festivities and nice weather, I was there around February-March. The skies were clear for volcano hikes and in time for Carnaval and Easter. Also,don’t forget to visit Semuc Champey (clear step pools) and Tikal (ancient ruins with howling monkeys by night)!


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