‘The Great Trail’ in Canada is now the longest recreational trail in the world. That’s right, they’ve done it, they’ve completed a trail where you can hike across the whole of Canada! Camino de Santiago eat your heart out, this trail totals a massive 24000 km, across 13 provinces and territories, including the northern territories. It goes through all sorts of landscapes, urban, rural and wilderness, with the path consisting of greenways, waterways and roadways.

I heard stories of this trail on the grapevine, but now it’s completed it sounds massively exciting. I mean, yes, you could have walked across Canada before making your own ‘trail’, and yes it’s HIGHLY unlikely I’ll be taking a flight over to stroll the 24000 kilometres. However, this just creates so much opportunity for adventure! Canada and it’s wilderness are both so beautiful, and being able to use man-made trails even just to make a small leg of this journey, would be an incredible experience.

Just imagine making the epic hike through the Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia for example. I’ve driven this route and it’s absolutely beautiful. Obviously the distance is still hundreds of miles so would be an undertaking, but it doesn’t sound to shabby to me…

The great trail Canada Map

If you want to read more about the trail or see more of the route (pictured above) the link is here https://thegreattrail.ca/.

What epic hiking trails have you recently discovered?

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