So I just nearly had a minor breakdown… I was having a nice little post work play around with a new site I’m thinking of starting with a friend on wordpress. When I accidentally only went and changed my blog theme and as a result, my whole website!!

In my time of need I went where all people do, to Google. Much to my horror, the advice on there was absolutely rubbish, and was basically ‘get a plugin’, and if you haven’t you’re a bit screwed…  Also you need to have the best paid version of wordpress to get a plugin (unless I’m wrong…) which also means you’re double screwed.

So in my stressed out state the only solution was to manually go through and search frantically for my old theme. I finally found it much to my relief… But all my widgets had gone so needed manually getting back again. So if anyone knows of a better way to revert back to an old theme, that’s not a plugin and isn’t manually looking, then can you let me know?

So this post is a rant/some post blog crisis therap. But I wanted to share my experience so you don’t make the same mistake. So here is my free Friday advice: Note down your wordpress theme!! It will save you a lot of stress and feeling like an idiot if you accidentally change it…

Right, I’m off for a beer…

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3 thoughts

    1. I definitely had a moment where it was required. This post was a way to de-stress, share the experience to hope others wouldn’t do the same, and also remind myself it’s a huge first world problem I should put in perspective!

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