1 – You’ll get new perspectives on what’s important

If there’s one thing that’s often missing from modern 21st century life, it’s having time to think. Really having time where there aren’t constant money worries, work stresses, or where you’re just exhausted after another long day in a less than ideal job. Well when you travel, you get that time. You have the freedom to actually take a breath from the craziness of life and think about what’s really important to you. Reflect on where your life is heading and ask important questions.

What means the most to you? What makes you happy? What do you want to do with your life? You’ll realise that your salary, the next promotion or having a job that looks great on your CV isn’t the most important thing, and you’ll get a chance to take a breath, step back and re-assess. You’ll remember that you used to have passions you’ve neglected recently, or to call that friend you’ve been meaning to get back in touch with. It’s amazing what comes into our minds when we actually get those rare chances to take a step back, de-stress and have a good old think!

2 – You’ll realise the world is full of opportunity

When you travel, you’ll meet all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life, you’ll meet people living on less than a dollar a day with big smiles on their faces, and you’ll meet people with illustrious careers making use of their 2 weeks’ vacation. You’ll realise that there is a big world out there outside of your office cubicle or work bubble, where people take all sorts of paths and do all sorts of things to make a living. Only when we take a step out of our normal routine and experience something new that the world is full of opportunities. You’ll meet others travelling doing all sorts of things for a living you may never have thought of, I’ve met bloggers, tour guides, travel agents, accountants, lawyers, gym owners, government workers, firemen, construction workers, personal trainers, and I could go on…

I’ve always loved the story of the shoes TOMS’ founder Blake Mycoskie, who was travelling in Argentina and discovered how great the national shoe worn by everyone in the country was, long story short this shoe went on to become the massively popular and successful shoe brand TOMS. This story isn’t unique, countless entrepreneurs use ideas they find abroad and bring them back home to start businesses.

3 – You’ll meet people that can change your life

This is a bit of a personal one, but one of the main reasons I wanted to travel was for the people. I’ve always loved meeting new people, hearing their stories and learning from them. When I went travelling I was a single guy struggling to meet anyone in London, even having grudgingly resorted to using Tinder, I had come up trumps. Not to mention I rarely met new people, it was old friends or work colleagues. When you travel you’ll meet all sorts of different people that can change your life and inspire you in unexpected ways, I actually completely unexpectedly met my now girlfriend of over a year travelling, and on top of this have made great friends from all over the globe.

Often in our lives, it isn’t the things we read or see on TV that inspire us. It’s the people that we meet, the stories they tell and advice they give. That’s what inspires us the most. And with travel, you’ll end up meeting a bunch more new and different people than almost anything I can think of. What’s happened to you as a result of travelling?

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