So after a short but sweet couple of nights in Cambodia, tomorrow we’ll be leaving to fly to Vietnam where I’ll be spending close to two weeks travelling all over. It also means sadly that half of or group are leaving too and being replaced by a new bunch of people and I’m sure a new bunch of antics.

Although we haven’t been in Cambodia too long I’ve really enjoyed my time here and learnt a lot about the country’s often quite dark history. Our first full day here we learnt about the terrible atrocities committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in the seventies, so only 40 or so years ago, and the devastating effect it had on the country. I haven’t got any pictures of the museum which was an old prison for the victims or the killing fields we visited but to summarise approximately 3 million people were killed during this time when the population of the country was only 7. Infrastructure was destroyed and anybody who was educated or might rebel against the regime was killed. Although this was obviously a very dark subject it really makes you realise the hardships people from Cambodia have been through. It’s pretty rare to see any old people and most families have lost close relatives and loved ones.

On a slightly lighter note we flew into Siem Reap from the capital on our second day and then got an early night before a 4.30am start the next morning. I’ll let the pictures do the talking here but we visited Ankor Wat before exploring some of the other temples in the afternoon. We also saw wild monkeys, elephants, cows, chickens and all sorts of crazy things going on. The temples we visited were also where a lot of Tomb Raider film was filmed.

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