A few days in beautiful Honolulu Hawaii

So after a lot of exploring over the weekend it’s now my last day in Honolulu as I’m flying off to Japan tomorrow. So I thought I’d just sit by the pool for a bit and chill out today before Japan.

So I fly out tomorrow and my stay here has been another example of how AirBnB is brilliant (don’t worry I’m not actually sponsored by them… I wish). So I’m staying in an apartment building which is about 45 stories high, one of the rooms in the condo has three bunks so there are six of us staying, essentially it’s a mini unofficial hostel and all of the pictures above were taking here. . Now to the great bits about it, it was really affordable and is right next to Waikiki beach in one of the most popular areas of the island, there is a pool, gym, hot tub, roof terrace right at the top with incredible 360 degree views, and finally the host Kane takes guests out at the weekends adventuring.

So we’ve been all around to parts of the island I wouldn’t have seen without staying where I have, getting to do waterfall hikes, drop by a sacred cave and visit at least 4 different beaches (that I can remember), all in two days. On top of this, staying in the condo has been great to meet other fellow travellers to explore the island with. 

So although my stay here has been 4 nights and 3 full days it has definitely exceeded my expectations. Once again I think mainly because we’ve not just stuck to the tourist spots. Waikiki itself (pictured above) is quite high rise with a bunch of hotels but still pretty stunning. However by staying where I have been, with a host who takes you places the locals hang out, you get a much better experience of the island in my opinion. Some random unexpected funny moments include getting pretty schooled in my first ever rap battle by a Texan and a guy from Atlanta (I definitely ironically lyrically involved tea and crumpets at one point) and meeting some Hawaiian gynocologists on the beach…  Without context these sound pretty weird I know. So if I came back I’d definitely try and check out the other islands and more of this one as it’s so much bigger than I thought with loads to do and see. 

Finally if you visit Hawaii definitely try the local coconut infused beer ‘Koko Brown’, it’s delicious, and if you’re into sushi and fish try ‘poke’ it’s basically loads of chunks of delicious fish in a variety of sauces and comes with rice, both are pictured above for your viewing pleasure!

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