Hiking and road tripping around Whistler

So I recently spent a couple of days visiting whistler staying in the centre of town for a night. Once again with my partner in crime Alecia, we drove from just outside of Vancouver which takes about 2 hours. So firstly if you’re in Vancouver make time to do this! Having been through the Rockies I saw scenery just as beautiful and Whistler itself is a great little town.

So on the way to Whistler I’d been told about a hike called ‘the chief’ now there are three peaks you can do and we did the first, this still took you nearly a kilometre in elevation with a round trip of 3.5 hours so wasn’t just a walk in the park. When you get to the top the path stops and you have to use ladders and chains to climb what is basically a big rock at the top. This made me ever so slightly nervous especially when the chains stopped… But once you’re up there the views as you can see above are absolutely breathtaking!!! You can see pretty much all around you from different sides of the peak and the views here were probably the best I’ve had in Canada. Also it’s the perfect place to strike a great ‘rock pose’ (as in Dwayne Johnson) and be the only man hiking in a shirt.

After a lunch of Oreo ice cream sandwiches (don’t judge me) we drove on to Whistler. Now whistler town is where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held so we got a super touristy picture as you can see above. We also grabbed some food in one of the many bars/restaurants. We were staying really centrally on Main Street so just a stones throw away from where everything was happening which was great. The town has a real buzz about it as one of those places that although not huge seems like there’s always something going on. Also so many Aussies and Kiwis everywhere, it’s more rare to find a Canadian working in one of the stores or restaurants than an Aussie or Kiwi.

On our second day after a great breakfast (it may have been a raspberry cheesecake brownie continuing the health trend…) and finding a bar to watch England do what they do and underperform terribly in a major tournament, we headed past whistler to Joffre Lake (bottom picture). Now once again the drive here was amazing!!!! Also the lake itself absolutely stunning and probably comparable if not better than Lake Louise (probably due to better weather and the fact that we were totally alone there as opposed to lake Louise where there were hundreds of people…).

So to finish, after a shout out to ‘Beatrice’ the beetle above, who was a trooper taking us all around the mountains, this couple of days was definitely a highlight of my trip so far and my advice to anyone if you stop by Vancouver, go to Whistler!!!! So next up for me is Canada day tomorrow, so time to bring my eh game (may or may not have stolen this from a tshirt)

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