A few days on Vancouver Island

So I’m now back staying just outside of Vancouver in Canada’s ‘Surrey’ (small world I know, there’s also a Guildford and Richmond here…) courtesy of the lovely Mantei family who have been kind enough to let me stay in their home. At this point I just need to say I’ve truly been blown away at how open and good hearted the people are that I have met here, and I’m so lucky to have been able to get the taste of Canadian life that I have and also go to places the tourists don’t! So earlier this week I spent a few days on Vancouver Island with Alecia (in the picture below who I met in Vancouver and who’s family I’m staying with) and we got the ferry over to the island travelling from Nanaimo down to Victoria.

For anybody who doesn’t know about Vancouver Island, it’s just under two hours on the ferry West of Vancouver, it’s absolutely huge, 31,000 km squared, and it’s biggest city Victoria, is actually the capital of British Columbia (not Vancouver) and houses the British Columbia Parliament building you can see below. Also fun fact, the survival series ‘Alone’ where contestants compete to survive solo as long as possible in the wilderness is actually filmed in the remote north of Vancouver island.

So in my time here we explored some of the coast and the city of Victoria a few highlights pictured above. If you’re thinking of visiting definitely check out the parliament building at night, I tried a couple more Canadian foods, maple biscuits (basically custard creams with maple filling but bigger and more delicious!) and salt water taffy, which was kind of gross…

I also checked out this cool little area called fisherman’s wharf about 15mins walk from central downtown (or a little boat if less strapped for cash than myself) with lots of cute houseboats and little stores and food outlets all floating on the water. I’ll be off to whistler doing a couple of hikes for a couple of days Sunday, and then hopefully get to cross the border to see Seattle as well as going camping in the rest of my time here. Oh and Canada day is on the 1st July so that should be awesome and hopefully I can finally see a Mountie!!

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