Having a ‘whale’ of a time

(I would say excuse the pun but I’m proud of it). So I haven’t posted for a few days as I’ve been out and about seeing even more of the stunning places this city has to offer, and when I say ‘city’ I mean Vancouver and all the districts, parks, mountains etc that are an extremely reasonable public transport away. Scenery wise I still can’t get over how beautiful this place is, every day there’s something new to see and somewhere new to go it really blows my mind. And even more than this I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing Vancouverites, without whom I wouldn’t have seen and experienced half the things that have made my trip here so special (and if you’re reading this you know who you are).

Regarding Vancouver there’s not too much more to say or adjectives to use (I mean with all the ‘great’s and ‘incredible’s I’m struggling already) without boring you all to death, so above I’ve put some pretty pictures from the last few days. Including the first one which is my first play around with my waterproof camera.

So yesterday Sam and Bev arrived! (Sorry for the photo Sam, Sam was pretty unaware of my walking selfie so has an extremely determined look on his face). Really lovely to see some friendly faces from across the pond. We wasted no time and went whale watching today (their first full day after landing). The trip was about six hours by jet engine powered boat, and we saw a bunch of seals, loads of bald eagles(as in about 15 in the same area…) and then obviously a school of whales. Now here is where I confess that my nature photography skills are not up to scratch again so the best snaps are below, also these whales are completely wild so we were merely observers, we had to keep our distance and there were no tricks or anything to get them to ‘look more interesting’. It was however really awe inspiring to see them together in their natural habitat, especially the biggest male of the group ‘big mike’ (in hindsight maybe we heard the name wrong but we liked big mike so stuck with it)

So tomorrow we pick up our car and head east to the mountains. I say ‘the mountains’ as we still haven’t yet confirmed our route… However essentially there will be a lot of time spent in Banff before finishing in Calgary in roughly a weeks time.

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