One week to go…

So in a week’s time I’ll be flying off to Vancouver to start my around the world trip… Super excited, nervous and still feeling like it’s all quite surreal. I thought I’d write this intro about why I’m travelling, what made me finally take the leap and my plans when I’m out there…

A few months ago I made a big decision, I decided to quit my job and travel the world. Now for all of you reading this that have dreamed about doing the same (and from all the amazing support and ‘I’m so jealous’ comments I know there are at least a few…), you’ll know that it isn’t easy. I had a good job in a great company and my future ahead of me. But for years I’ve fantasised about travelling, following films and books about really inspiring people doing things like cycling around the world, taking some vehicle across continents or going on pilgrimages for hundreds of miles to try and discover what was next in store… And I realised, out of everyone I’ve spoken to who has ever travelled no-one at all has ever said they regretted it, not one person. So I guess what finally made me decide take the leap in turning the dream into reality was two things. 1) Timing. I just turned 25 and (although some might think this is my mid twenties crisis) a lot of things have come together to mean this year is the ideal time, I’ve been in London for four years and definitely need to see what else is out there while I can. 2) My Contiki trip in November (pics below). If you haven’t heard of Contiki they are a 18-35 year old travel company, and I can’t recommend them enough. I went from New Orleans to LA cramming in so many incredible experiences into a mere 2 weeks that I really caught the ‘travel bug’.

As to a bit more on the why I’m doing this and in what style, I’m not your average traveller who’s dropping it all and leaving for a year or more for the lifestyle, doing the standard ‘gap yah’ route and hostelling my way around seeing where life takes me. I’m doing it as I hope it will lead me to whatever the next fork in the road will be. I’m doing it because I not only want to see the world, different countries and meet different people, but I also want a taste of countries I’d maybe like to live and work in the future. My beautifully artistic route below (that looks nothing like it was constructed on paint) includes a mixture of solo backpacking, road tripping with friends and going with groups in developed and undeveloped countries, this not only means I can fit all I want to do in six months and experience all the different ways to travel, but also means I’ll visit countries I’d neither have the knowledge or experience to safely visit on my own.

I’ll be documenting my journey from start to finish and finding out if travel really is the answer, are all those super inspired people that ‘discover’ themselves and suddenly have new perspectives on life really full of crap or do they kind of have a point…

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